Thursday, February 22, 2007

Divided Basket Pattern

1/2" flat reed - spokes, weavers, inner rim
3/8" flat reed - filler spokes
#2 or #3 seagrass - rim filler
#00 seagrass - side decoration, approx.10'
1/4" flat reed - top row weaving
1/2" flat dyed reed - one row approx. 48"
#2 round reed - twine base
1/2" flat/oval - outer rim
1/4" flat/oval - lashing rim
1 - NS4SQ oak handle
2 - wooden dividers - 10 1/8" x 3 15/16" x 1/4"


22 - 26" x 1/2" flat reed spokes
8 - 15" x 3/8" flat reed filler spokes
2 - 15" x 1/2" flat reed filler spokes

Base measures 10 1/4" x 10 1/4" after twining
You will probably need to sand down and trim your handle. The height to the notch should be 4". The notch will only need to stick out about 1/8".

Mark centers of 26" spokes on the rough side. Mark the centers of 15" spokes on the smooth side.

Lay out eleven 26" spokes horizontally. Spread spokes out enough to form a 10" deep base. Weave a 26" vertical spoke through the center beginning under, so that the vertical spoke goes OVER the center horizontal spoke. The center vertical spoke is the handle spoke.

Weave a 15" x 1/2" filler spoke, smooth side up, on each side of the center vertical spoke. Pack filler spokes snugly against the center vertical spoke. Alternate 26" x 1/2" spokes, rough side up, with 15" x 3/8" filler spokes, smooth side up, to complete base. True base to 10" x 10".

Flip base over. Split and tuck filler spokes, forming "V"s along horizontal edge of base. TURN BASE BACK OVER. Twine once around base. Upsett spokes.

1 row - 1/2" flat going outside handle spoke. Keep corners squared and sides upright.
2 rows - 1/2" flat

Insert handle to base of basket inside center vertical spoke.

3 rows - 1/2" flat forming basket to fit snugly against dividers. (Hint - Keep corners square and spokes upright.)
1 row - dyed 1/2" flat. Raise above previous row enough to thread seagrass between the rows. Double length of seagrass long enough to go around the basket plus 6". Begin lacing from the inside of basket left of the handle spoke. Bring ends of seagrass to the outside of basket above and below dyed row until center of seagrass is snug against inside edge of handle. Bring upper strand across handle spoke on the outside of the basket and insert in lower right opening. Place lower outside strand over first strand forming "X" and insert in upper right opening. Continue around. There should be "X"s outside the basket, over the colored row, and stitches above and below the dyed row on the inside of basket. End by pulling the two strands through the beginning loop on the basket inside and clipping. Adjust seagrass and dyed row so that is evenly packed against lower rows of weaving.

1 row - 1/2" flat reed
1 row - 1/4" flat reed (top row of weaving)
rim - 1/2" flat/oval reed (outer rim)
1/2" flat inner rim
#2 or #3 seagrass filler
1/4" flat/oval lashing (X handle)

If sides of basket stand away from divider, block sides or tie rims in correct position to dry. Be certain to sand handle and dividers smoothly.

Stain and coat divider with a moisture proof sealant to prevent warping. A urethane-tung oil mix would be good.

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