Thursday, February 22, 2007

Small Fruit Basket with Handle Pattern


4” x 6.5” D handle - sanded well
3/8” flat/flat reed - spokes & inner rim
1/4” flat/flat reed - weavers
#2 round reed - twine base
#3 round reed - weavers
3/8” flat/oval - outer rim
11/64” flat/oval - lashing
seagrass or #5 round reed - rim filler

5 - 18” x 3/8” flat spokes
8 - 16” x 3/8” flat spokes

Mark all spokes at the center on the rough side. Mark the center of the handle.

Lay out the five 18” spokes horizontally aligning centers. Weave in the handle vertically beginning under. The center horizontal spokes goes over the handle. Weave in the 16” spokes alternating the weave. There will be four spokes woven vertically on each side of the handle.

True the base to 4” x 6”.

Twine once around the base with #2 round reed. Upsett spokes.

Rows 1-2: Over-under weave a row of 1/4” flat with the weaver outside of the handle. Weave another row alternating the first row. These are individual rows ending with a four spoke overlap.

Rows 3-5: Take a long piece of #3 round. Alternate the weave on row 2. Continue weaving for two more rows. Do not end weaver. These will not alternate with each other, but will lie right on top of each other.

Rows 6-8: Pass behind the first spoke and the one to the right, and weave a row alternating row 5. Continue weaving for two more rows. Again these will fall right on top of each other.

Rows 9-11: repeat rows 6-8. Do not end weaver.

Rows 12-14: repeat rows 6-8. When you complete these rows, tuck weaver.

Rows 15-17: Weave three 1/4” flat rows, alternating the weave. These are individual rows and have a four spoke overlap. Cut & tuck.

Rim: Form a rim with 3/8” flat/oval outer rim, 3/8” flat inner rim and #2 seagrass or #5 round reed as rim filler. Lash with 11/64” flat/oval. “x” the lashing over the handles.

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